Born out of our client’s R&D department, this breakthrough technology had a similar fate as many in corporations across the country; they often don’t see the light of day. They are later deemed less strategic to the core business and while they result in learnings, they never get commercialized.  In this situation, 19Y was tapped by a corporate client to evaluate and ultimately support a spinout of an R&D project. This technology had disruptive break-through potential but had run the course of its investment life as an internal project. The result was a need for branding, organizational structure and the financial rigor to create a business plan and model. In short, position the breakthrough technology to become a breakthrough company.

This was an exciting project for 19Y. We brought in the subject matter experts, venture contacts, and ultimately together with the client we were able turn a multi-year R&D project into, SARAS.  Today SARAS is fully funded, has multiple locations, and just took 123,000 sq. ft of manufacturing space. They are well on their way to full scale production and recently were named Startup of the Year in the 2023 3D InCites Awards.  The journey is never a straight line, but in this case, we reached the best outcome for all stakeholders.

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