Armus Solutions is revolutionizing the coatings industry through an exclusive partnership with a Greek-based nano-technology company. However, achieving success in this innovative field requires more than just a great product. That's where 19Y comes in. By providing strategic business development support, 19Y Advisors has helped Armus Solutions grow and thrive.

When Armus was first launched, they had a breakthrough product but needed support with business development expertise as they looked to scale distribution. They needed a partner who could help them develop a brand and overall business strategy to achieve their goals.

Working closely with the Armus team over the past three years, 19Y provided strategic business development and operational support. This support has led to commercial pilot programs in the logistics, solar and marine verticals.  The access to 19Y’s ecosystem of relationships has led to partnerships with some of the largest brands in marine, national league stadium partnerships and municipalities.

Thanks to the partnership between Armus and 19Y, the innovative coatings are now being used to solve major industry challenges. Armus coatings have led to fuel savings of up to 10% for passenger boats, reduced cleaning requirements for major league stadiums, increase of over 8% energy output in solar and provided up to a 40% fuel savings on reefer trailers in the logistics industry.

With the support of 19Y Advisors, Armus is well-positioned for continued growth and success. Together, we are driving progress and innovation in an industry that is ripe for change.

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